Web Works

We offer clean, eye catching designs customized for anything from simple small business websites to large e-commerce sites, all created and customized for your budget.
All our plans include a personalized Domain Name ( and a personalized email address ( one year, Unlimited bandwidth and 10GB of storage.
We also offer Professional Copywriting services, Branding, Marketing, and Photography services.
Pricing starts at $250 with a $25 per month maintenance fee. Contact us now for a free quote and get your business online and available to your customers and your potential customers right now.


The Alpha Plan is our basic website plan.
It includes three web pages:
  • A Home Page is where you first land when visiting a website.
  • A Contact Page that includes all your contact information, directions, a map etceteras.
  • The third page can include any number of things depending on what type of site you need.
The Alpha Plan also includes a coordinated Mobile Optimized site to streamline your site for use on Mobile devices such as Cell Phones and Table.


The Zeta Plan includes everything in the Alpha Plan, Plus additional Content pages and Email Addresses, extras such as Social Media Marketing, SEO optimization and Branding. Many options are available depending on what you would like your site to accomplish.
Request a quote for any of our plans and we will forward you a questionaire to evaluate what type of site would best suit your needs.


A Sigma plan includes a Custom Restaurant Website that can be a simple straight forward informational site, featuring everything in the Alpha (Basic) Plan, plus High quality photos and retouching of your offerings and your Menu or a more dynamic site where you can offer your visitors the convenience of Online Reservations and if you offer Delivery and/or Take-away, you can offer Online Ordering as well.
High quality photos and retouching is included in this plan.


An E-Commerce Website includes everything in the Alpha Plan and allows you to not only offer your presant and potential customers information, it allows to sell your goods and services with a Custom Online Catalog and gives you the ability to accept payments from your customers over the Internet.